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FINLAND, Pirkkala

Date Formed 1995

Categories: Black Metal


A one man project previously titled SILGIUM DIABOLI upon formation in 1992 issuing the 'Descent Into Hell' demo. Became DIABOLI during 1995, signing to the Greek Unisound label for the opening album 'Mesmerized By Darkness' that same year. The project then shifted to Full Moon Productions for 1997's 'Towards Damnation' and 2000 follow up 'Anthems Of Sorrow'.

DIABOLI's limited edition 2002 single 'Descent Into Hell' was dedicated to their deceased former vocalist Grimn'r who commited suicide in June of 2001. All instrumentation was delivered by former DEPRAVITY man Petri Ilvespakka. DIABOLI's career path was thrown off course when Ilvespakka was jailed for attempting to murder someone with an axe.

DIABOLI released their sixth album, 'The Antichrist', in summer 2006 on Northern Heritage Records. Band members, in collusion with personnel from KORPIKLAANI, also established side project PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR to record the album 'Fucker'.

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