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FINLAND, Seinäjoki

Date Formed 1998

Categories: Power Metal


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Originally known as CELESTIAL upon their formation in 1998 by drummer Jere Luokkamäki this Seinäjoki based Power Metal band signed to the Spanish Arise label to issue their debut 2002 record 'Reign Of Elements'. As CELESTIAL the band in its formative stages went through numerous personnel but another early inductee included bassist Ari Katajamäki.

During 1999 guitarist Tapani Kangas enrolled just before the band was purged of older members. However, the following year saw an enforced lull in proceedings as both Kangas and Katajamäki were called for their national military service. Luokkamäki hooked up with MORTYFEAR. Upon their return the band was reconstituted as CELESTY, pulling in second guitarist J.P. Alanen and in the Autumn of 2000 booked studio time to cut the demo 'Warrior Of Ice'.

Keyboardist Juha Mäenpää was welcomed into the fold in time for 2001 support gigs to SONATA ARCTICA and a second promotion recording 'Times Before The Ice'. A contract was struck with the Arise label in May 2002. Drummer Jere Luokkamäki would also be active with the Dark Metal outfit CALDWELL and MORTYFEAR. For live work in 2003 CELESTY employed the CALDWELL, ISENGARD and BLUEBERRYHILL credited guitarist Teemu Koskela.

CELESTY's 2004 album 'Legacy Of Hate', seeing the recruitment of a new singer in nineteen year old DIECELL credited Antti Railio, featured TIME REQUIEM keyboard player Richard Andersson acting as studio guest on the song 'Settlement'. Japanese variants on the Avalon Marquee label added the traditional bonus track in 'Wickedness Act'. That same year the band contributed their rendition of 'Holy Wars... The Punishment Due' to a MEGADETH tribute album 'Hangar Of Souls' released by 2M Producciones.

Guitarist J.P. Alanen joined the ranks of ALTARIA in July 2005. Teemu Koskela was announced as successor in November. CELESTY released their third full-length effort, 'Mortal Mind Creation', recorded at Midas Studios in Vaasa with producer Sami "Hannu" Koivisto, in October 2006 via German imprint Dockyard 1. Japanese variants, released through Avalon Marquee, hosted the extra track 'Final Pray'.

Antti Railio competed in the Finnish television talent show 'Idols', singing a version of BON JOVI's 'Always', in January 2007. Railio also made a guest appearance in the track 'Dreaming In Clouds' on the 'Flying Towards The New Horizon' album from BETO VASQUEZ INFINITY.

CELESTY issued the album 'Vendetta' in 2009.

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