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Date Formed 1989

Categories: Black Metal


Extreme Death Black Metal outfit ARCHGOAT, established during 1989 and hailing from Turku, comprised vocalist / bassist Lord Angelslayer ("Growls of the Fullmoon"), guitarist Ritual Butcherer ("Axe of Black Mass") and drummer Blood Desecrator ("Bombardment"). ARCHGOAT issued the 1991 'Jesus Spawn' and 1993's live 'Penis Perversor' demos prior to the controversially titled 1994 12” single 'Angelcunt: Tales Of Desecration', recorded at Music Box Studio between the 4th and 5th January 1993 with producer Riddo Ridberg, through the Necropolis label. These sessions were subsequently re-issued during February 1999 as a split release shared with BEHERIT on Necropolis and again in 2004 by ISO666 Releases, featuring different artwork. However, despite this notoriety, ARCHGOAT had disbanded during 1993. The group, bringing in drummer Leneth the Unholy Carnager of HELLBOX, reformed in 2004. This trio re-debuted live on July 1st in Kouvola. Sinister Karppinen from DEEP RED, PANZERKVLT, FUNERAL FEAST, TORN and TORTURE KILLER then took command of drums.

Hammer Of Hate published the 2005 7" single, comprising three tracks recorded in February 1993, 'Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal'. ARCHGOAT released the album 'Whore Of Bethlehem' in September 2006 through Hammer of Hate Records. As a bonus, both digipack and vinyl versions added a second disc of two ARCHGOAT live shows taped at the 'Under the Black Sun' festival in 2006 at Helenau in Germany plus an archive Riihimäki concert from 1993.

ARCHGOAT announced a US live debut at the San Antonio, Texas ' Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child Fest VII' festival in February 2007. The band then unveiled plans for European dates flanking US act BLACK WITCHERY.

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