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Originally titled HOLY HELL and formed by vocalist / bassist Pasi Aijö and guitarist Jarkko Toivonen in 1988, the group released the 'Kill Jesus' demo prior to a name change to UNHOLY. The Finns' first recording under the new name was the 1990 demo 'Procession Of Black Doom' followed by a further tape, 'Demo 11.90'. The fourth demo, 'Trip To Depressive Autumn', in 1991 scored the band a deal with Lethal Records for a July 1993 album 'From The Shadows'. Sophomore release 'The Second Ring Of Power' saw issue through the Italian label Avantgarde Music in August 1994.

UNHOLY guitarist Jarkko Toivonen later formed TIERMES, releasing a self titled album in 1997. However, the following year UNHOLY, with new member Veera Muhli on vocals and keyboards, was resurrected for the 'Rapture' album. The band added second guitarist Jade Vanhala in 1999 for live work.

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