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Date Formed 2000

Categories: Death Metal


Vaasa Death Metal band. The 2002 DEATHBOUND membership roster boasts a worthy Death Metal pedigree with frontman Kai Jaakkola holding down a reputation with DUSKFALL, NECROMICON and MONSTER SPANK, guitarist Petri Seikkula citing credits with BLACK DAWN as well as AND OCEANS, bassist Tommi Kontz activity with HELLMASKER and drummer Mika Q claiming AND OCEANS, BLACK DAWN and ROTTEN SOUND credentials.

The group has its roots in the early 90's act UNBOUND. By 1995 the title of TWILIGHT had been put into effect, this band starting life with a roster of vocalist Kai Jaakkola, guitarist Petri Seikkula, bassist Tommi Konu and Toni Erkkilä on the drums. In this incarnation TWILIGHT issued a brace of demos 'Twilight', in December 1995, and 'The Melancholy Of The Northern Landscapes' before the band was put on hold due to the intrusion of Finland's national service policy. Activity was sporadic until 1998 when the band regrouped with the addition of BEYOND DREAMS guitarist Fred Andersson and drummer Robert Sundelin of SATARIEL and an ex-member of NECROMICON. Konu, as 'Hellkuntz', participated in recording of the Swedish band HELLMASKER's 'Probably The Best Band In The World' demo. The band recorded the 'Flames Of Madness' demo in September 1999 upon completion of which Andersson's place was taken by NECROMICON's Nick Sundqvist.

During 2000 the decision was taken to revert back to the formative title of UNBOUND due to the increasing media presence of the Italian Power Metal band TWILIGHT. Bringing in Mikael Sandorf on the drums the band laid down a fresh demo 'Elaborate The Torture' in November 2000 before switching the group name again - this time to DEATHBOUND as Blastmor of THYRANE became next in line to occupy the drum stool but by 2002 Mika Q hadtaken the role.

DEATHBOUND signed to the Woodcut label for a debut May 2003 album release 'To Cure The Insane - With Insanity'. Former drummer Mika Q rejoined DEATHBOUND as the group's bass player in 2004. That November the group entered Soundlab Studios in Örebro, Sweden to commence recording their second album, 'Syringe - Death And Addictions', due in early 2005 via Dynamic Arts Records. Promotion included Finnish shows in December alongside labelmates SCORNGRAIN and Sweden's CULT OF LUNA although the band parted ways with Mika Aalto that same month, drafting Sami Latva as substitute.

A split seven-inch single with fellow Finns DEATHCHAIN would also be due in January 2006 through Dynamic Arts Records. The following month drummer Sami Latva joined ROTTEN SOUND.

Dynamic Arts re-issued the album 'To Cure the Sane - With Insanity' in May, adding five live tracks recorded at the Tuska Open Air 2005 event, a video for the song 'Doomsday Comfort' plus new artwork. Quoting a title of 'We Deserve Much Worse', DEATHBOUND entered the recording studio on September 11th to craft a new album.

In January 2007 DEATHBOUND supported NAPALM DEATH for touring in Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

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