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Folk enriched Black Metal band utilising Druidic, Celtic and medieval themes. AES DANA was conceived in Paris during 1994 by guitarist Taliesin and Amorgen, the latter employed on tin whistle and flute. Next recruits would be lead vocalist Vidar and drummer Storm. With this formation AES DANA cut an opening demo 'Chroniques Du Crépuscule' in December of 1996. The following year proved turbulent as Amorgen left, subsequently to return a few months later, and Seth was introduced on second guitar. In 1999 Storm exited, being replaced by Juan Holocaust.

In April of 2000 AES DANA readied themselves for recording of a promotion EP. However, Seth decamped to join ANTEAUS and these sessions therefore saw the incorporation of Tilion on guitar. The band signed to Sacral Productions for the album 'La Chasse Sauvage'.

In side activities, Vidar and Taliesin also operated side venture FORGE, Tilion held membership of APOCRYPHAL whilst Amorgen could be found in BRAN BARR. During 2004 the band recorded follow up album 'Formors' at ArtCrim studios. Originally intended for release through Sacral Productions, the band would in fact switch to Oaken Shield Records to issue the record in 2005. During this period Amorgen was replaced by Hades.

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