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Strasbourg Grind band created in 1990 by guitarist David, bassist Fred, vocalist Olivier and drummer Stephane. By the following year Stephane had vacated his position for APOPLEXY and Sebastien had taken over the lead vocal spot. New drummer was Valentin. In 1993 INHUMATE cut their debut demo 'Abstract Suffering'. In late 1994 the band saw Valentin leave for LES MARAUDERS and Sebastien decamp to CEREBAL COMMOTION. New faces were singer Christophe and drummer Yannick, bother former GOD EATER personnel. INHUMATE's second 7 track demo arrived in May 1995 billed as 'Grind Your Soul'. The debut album, 'Internal Life', was delivered in September of 1996 with 'Ex-Pulsion' arriving in November 1997.

The band would subsequently feature on a whole slew of slit cassette releases during the mid 90s included amonst which were alliances with FUNERAL MARCH in 1996, DISEMBOWEL and TRAUMA TEAM in 1998, MAGGOT SHOES, EXHUMATOR and SANGUINARY in 1999 and BLOODSHED, PULMONARY FIBROSIS, TRAUMATISM, DEPRAVED and MUCUPURULENT during 2000. INHUMATE shared a split EP with ALIENATION MENTAL in 2001. The 2000 album 'Growth' would see various re-pressings globally with Witchhammer Records in Thailand, Mad Lion in Poland and Music Box in Malaysia all licensing the album for cassette formats. The band self financed the 2004 offering 'Life'.

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