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KRONOS began life as a Thaon Les Vosges teen Thrash Metal band during 1994 comprising vocalist / guitarist Marot, fourteen year old guitarist Grams, vocalist / bassist Jeremy and drummer Michaël Saccoman, the latter being the youngest at just thirteen. During 1996 Kristof was added as lead vocalist and Tems came in as replacement for Marot. This change of membership prompted a shift in style to Death Metal, evident on their 1997 demo tape 'Outrance'. Tom came in on bass during 2000 as KRONOS began to pursue an even less refined and more brutal Death Metal character, sharing a split promotion release with NONE DIVINE.

The 'Titan's Awakening' album would bear witness to two different issues with revised artwork, the latter variant being released through the Warpath label. KRONOS switch to Xtreem Music for 2003's 'Colossal Titan Strife'. In 2005 Kristof guested on Saint Etienne Death Metal band BENIGHTED's 'Identisick' album.

'The Hellenic Terror' surfaced in 2007.

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