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Black Metal duo VLAD TEPES came to the fore with their 1994 demos 'War Funeral March' and 'Return Of The Unweeping Moon' then 1995's 'Into Frosty Madness'. A split CD with BELKETRE 'March To The Black Holocaust' ensued the following year. A further demo was issued the same year entitled 'Celtic Poetry' before another split effort, 'Black Legions Metal', sharing space with TORGEIST. Under the alternate billing of SEVISS both Vlad and Vrolok issued a 1996 demo 'Et Pleure Le Batard...' as well as a further tape that year credited to VERMYAPRE KOMMANDO.

Subsequent VLAD TEPES demos included 1996's 'Dans Notre Chute', 1997's 'Sounds Of The Dolphin' and 1998's 'The Black Legions'. This latter outing comprised entirely of hardcore Black Metal cover versions including MÜTIILATION's 'Desecrate Jesus' Name' and 'Under Ardailles Night', BELKETRE's 'Twilight Of The Black Holocaust' and 'The Dark Promise' along with a rendition of 'Voarmerperme Vatr Vermyapre' originally by Vrolok Drammsleim's other act BRENORITVREZORKRE. Session drums for VLAD TEPES would come from Nifleim of BRENORITVEZOKRE.

The band's original demo was pressed onto CD in 1997. A collection of arcive demo tracks was issued as 'An Ode To Our Ruin' on the Black Holocaust label during 2002.

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