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A solo project from the former BIG DAISY, TRAPEZE and WISHBONE ASH vocalist / bassist Mervyn Spence. The records were released on Spence's own Parachute Music label. 1992's 'Something Strong' offering features SAGA drummer Curt Cress.

In addition to his past alliances and his more recent work, Spence, based in Lichfield, has also been involved with MIKE OLDFIELD's 'Islands' album and PHENOMENA's third album 'Inner Visions'. The 1995 O'RYAN album 'Initiate', featuring former KOREA, TROUBLE and ROBIN GEORGE guitarist Huw Lucas and fellow guitarist Martin Taylor, includes tracks from the first two PHENOMENA projects.

Lucas later worked with IRON MAIDEN guitarist Adrian Smith in his band THE UNTOUCHABLES. Spence would forge the Swiss based AOR act FACE FACE with erstwhile SERGEANT drummer Pete Jefferson and the former CENTURY pairing of guitarist George Miller and bassist D.D. Matters issuing the 1994 album 'Childhood Dreams'. Retaining his links with Miller and Matters the singer would front another Swiss outfit PURPLE CROSS for an October 2000 record 'Eyes Of The Mirror'.

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