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GERMANY, Bavaria, Munich

Date Formed 2002

Categories: Death Metal


Munich Death Metal band OBSCURA, named after the GORGUTS album, was created during 2002 by vocalist / guitarist Steffen Kummerer, then just fifteen years old, and seventeen year old drummer Jonas Baumgartl. Handling guitar was Jürgen Zintz. Subsequently, Zintz exited due to personal problems. OBSCURA was rounded out by guitarist Markus Lempsch and bassist Jonas Fischer.

OBSCURA's 2006 debut album, 'Retribution' on Vots Records, was produced by Alex Krull of ATROCITY and LEAVES' EYES. Guest appearances included V. Santura of DARK FORTRESS, Matthias Röderer from ATROCITY, Thorsten Bauer of ATROCITY and Martl of PROFANITY. Throughout August 2006 the group supported SUFFOCATION on an eleven date European tour.

Former guitar player Jürgen Zintz died on January 6th 2007. Guitarist Markus Lempsch exited before the close of the month. Retaining his position in OBSCURA, frontman Steffen Kummerer was enrolled into the ranks of Viking Metal band HELFAHRT. OBSCURA was re-assembled by enlisting erstwhile NECROPHAGIST personnel guitarist Christian Muenzner and drummer Hannes Grossmann plus the PESTILENCE credited Jeroen Paul Thesseling on bass.

Relapse Records announced the signing of OBSCURA in September 2008 as the band was recording its second full-length album with producer V. Santura, of DARK FORTRESS, at The Crypt Studios. 'Cosmogenesis' arrived in early 2009 via Relapse Records. These sessions featured guest appearances from Ron Jarzombek, of WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK and BLOTTED SCIENCE, and Tymon Kruidenier, of CYNIC and EXIVIOUS.

OBSCURA, GRAVES OF VALOUR, and ABYSMAL DAWN joined forces for the 2009 installment of the Relapse Records 'Contamination Tour' kickin off on 28th April in Birmingham, Alabama. In August the band partnered with US acts ATHEIST and GNOSTIC for a European run of dates.

Christian Münzner joined Swedish technical Death Metal outfit SPAWN OF POSSESSION in June 2009.

OBSCURA would be out on the 2010 'Bonecrusher Fest' European tour with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD and NECROPHOBIC, concluding on 6th February in Holland. OBSCURA then teamed up with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER for a four week U.S. tour. To back up this live activity, 'Retribution', their 2006 debut album being remastered and repackaged with three bonus tracks, was reissued on 16th February via Relapse Records. 

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