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GERMANY, Bavaria, Regensburg

Date Formed 1997

Categories: Gothic Metal


Regensburg, Bavaria's ATARGATIS, titled after an ancient Syrian goddess of love and fertility and featuring Stephanie Luzie of DARKWELL, came together during 1997 and would debut commercially with the EP 'Alba Gebraich' in 1999. A succession of line-up changes has seen the band develop to promote the female vocals to the fore on a 2002 demo session 'Accurst From The Deep'. The band scored a notable internet success with the track 'Angels Crying', which topped the German Dark Metal chart at for a ten months run with more than 12,000 downloads.

ATARGATIS signed to Massacre Records in April 2005. Recording took place at Hellion Studios in Munich during June for the 'Wasteland' album. Sandra Schleret from DREAMS OF SANITY guested.

ATARGATIS supported CREMATORY and LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE in October 2006 prior to a round of opening slots to ILLUMINATE in January 2007. ATARGATIS utilised Hellion Studios in Munich during May, working with producer Seref A. Badir, to cut new album tracks including a cover version of 'Crucified' originally by ARMY OF LOVERS. Limited edition digipacks added two extra songs in 'Comets' and 'Watermight'. 'Nova', released on 16th November 2007 via Massacre Records, featured a guest appearance by Matthias Hechler from CREMATORY. The band line-up for this release was quoted at vocalist Stephanie Luzie, guitarist Azmo, bassist Lord Lornhold and drummer Shadrak.

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