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Date Formed 1987

Categories: Black Metal


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Bonn based brutal Black-Death Metal band created during 1987 by guitarists Armin Rave and Holger Seebens. Formative line ups evolved to finalise with the recruitment of Claudius Schwartz on vocals, bass player Rainer Landfermanns and drummer Michael Pelkowsky, this unit cutting a now scarce demo in late 2002. Commercially PAVOR debuted with the 'A Pale Debilitating Autumn' album, recorded in the Summer of 1994. Seebens would then depart and the band persevered as a quartet.

A period of stasis was broken by the inclusion of the song 'Perplexer: Perdition Projectile' on the 'Rock Hard' magazine compilation cover mount CD 'Unerhört!' in February 2000. The band made a full return with October 2003's 'Furioso' album through Imperator Music, this including a re-work of the 1989 composition 'Crucified Hopes'. These sessions were recorded at BGM Tonstudio, Bad Honnef.

Rainer Landfermanns performed guest lead vocals on BETHLEHEM's second album 'Dictus Te Necare'. Drummer Michael Pelkowski also has issued an album from his side project BEYOND NORTH.

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