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Purist, brutal Death Metal band DEFEATED SANITY emerged in Dachsbach during 1994, their first 1996 demo seeing a line-up of vocalist Robert Colnik, guitarist Wolfgang Teske, bass player Jonas Gruber with Lille Gruber on the drums. A second promotion recording, 'Withdrawn From Beauty', arrived in 1998. As DEFEATED SANITY veered away from previous experimental sounds into a harsh, American brutal style of Death Metal new musicians were recruited in the form of guitarist Christian Münster and bass player Tino Köhler. After cutting a 2000 demo Colnik exited and was duly superseded by Markus Keller. A re-recorded track from the demo, with the addition of Keller's vocals, found its way onto a split single shared with POPPY SEED GRINDER through the Czech Grodhaisn label.

Münster bailed out to join NECROPHAGIST in 2001. DEFEATED SANITY issued a split EP 'Collapsing Human Failures' with Brazilians IMPERIOUS MALEVOLENCE on the Merciless label in 2003. Grindethic Records picked the band up for the debut full-length album 'Prelude To The Tragedy', recorded at Soundforge Studios and released in November 2004. In 2006 the band engaged in UK dates with British band NECROCEST and Czech headliners FLESHLESS in February.

Ex-DEFEATED SANITY guitarist Christian Münzner teamed up with MAJESTY in May 2006. Another line-up change saw the introduction of CEREBRIC TURMOIL bass player Jacob Schmidt. The band wrapped up recordings for the 'Psalms Of The Moribund' album, engineered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studios in Rhauderfehn, Germany for Grindethic Records, in August.

Lille Gruber filled in on drums for Austrian Death Metal outfit BELPHEGOR on their 2007 North American tour dates alongside UNLEASHED and KRISIUN.

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