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GERMANY, Krefeld

Categories: Heavy Metal


Krefeld's LUCIFER'S HERITAGE was the precursor to BLIND GUARDIAN, probably more so than any other German act, epitomise the very essence of 'Teutonic Metal'. The seeds of the band were sown with EUROPEAN, a formative outfit led by guitarist André Olbrich. In turn, this act evolved into ZERO FAULT and then, with the introduction of erstwhile EXECUTOR rhythm guitarist Hansi Kürsch, was re-branded as LUCIFER'S HERITAGE. The two musicians had met at Krefeld's commercial college in 1984 and assembled the new band unit with Thomen Stauch behind the drum kit and Marcus Dörk of REDEEMER on second guitar. In 1984 the band expanded to a quintet, performing one concert with lead singer Thomas Kelleners before reverting swiftly back to a four piece. In later years Kelleners would front HEAVENWARD. In this guise the quartet issued the demo 'Symphonies Of Doom' in December 1985 but tensions relating to the financing of these sessions, it was eventually part funded by Olbrich's grandmother, led to Stauch's departure, to REDEEMER, and Hans-Peter Frey was installed as new drummer.

In 1986 Christof Theissen superseded Dörk. Critically, at this juncture LUCIFER'S HERITAGE began to explore J.R.R. Tolkien middle earth themes on their next batch of new songs. The band attempted to locate a lead singer for a period, Kürsch being unconvinced of his own talents, but this search was fruitless and Hansi Kürsch resolved to persevere with the vocal duties. However, Theissen soon lost his place and Marcus Dörk rejoined, as did Thomen Stauch.

The self-managed group evolved into BLIND GUARDIAN after they had signed to No Remorse Records, the label having expressed concerns over the occult flavour of the band name. BLIND GUARDIAN was picked over other contendors BATTERY, in relation to METALLICA, and RAGING WATERS. They duly debuted with the release of the 'Battalions Of Fear' album in 1988.

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