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GERMANY, Marburg

Date Formed 1996

Categories: Avant-Garde Metal, Darkwave, Gothic Metal


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SAMSAS TRAUM, formulated during 1996, is a highly experimental and fluid Darkwave Gothic project of Marburg, Hesse native Alexander Kaschte. The title is taken after the character Gregor Samsa in Franz Kafka's work 'The Metamorphosis'. The highly industrious Kaschte has also initiated other musical ventures KAZANIAN, AUBURN MEAT, McBETH and WEENA MORLOCH.

It would be under the SAMSAS TRAUM banner that Kaschte debuted with a 1996 demo cassette 'Kazanian - Nostalgische Atavismen'. Further unreleased demos were recorded in October that year. The 'Elite' tape followed in 1998 and 'Einblick In Ein Elitäres Debüt-Album' that May. During this period Kaschte employed singers Alisa Kaschte, Annabelle Kaschte and Simone Stahl.

SAMSAS TRAUM contracted with Trisol Music Group for the inaugural album 'Die Liebe Gottes - Eine Märchenhafte Black Metal Operette' in 1999. Vocals came courtesy of Eva Stahl, Karsten Sommer and Johannes Welsch. The following year SAMSAS TRAUM, issuing the album 'Oh Luna Mein', incorporated Daniel Schröder, on bass clarinet and alto saxophone, vocalists Lena Graulich and Lydia Budnick plus bassist Sebastian Franke. Third opus 'Utopia' arrived in 2001. That November archive cuts were collected together for the compilation 'Nostalgia'.

'Ipsissima Verba', featuring a cover version of 'Komm´ Schlaf Bei Mir' originally by TON STEINE SCHERBEN, surfaced in October 2002. Having relocated to Austria, two albums were released in 2003, 'Tineoidea Oder: "Die Folgen Einer Nacht" in August and 'Arachnoidea Oder: "Von Babalon, Scheiterhaufen Und Zerstörungswut.", boasting a guest list involving Susanne Stierle, of OPHELIA'S DREAM, Chris Pohl, of BLUTENGEL, ASP, Max Testory, of CHAMBER, Dirk Riegert, of JANUS, Elisabeth Kranich, of CHAMBER, Martin Schindler, of MANTUS, plus the ADVERSUS pairing of Susanne Stitz and Torsten 'Rosendorn' Schneyer. The latter album included the RAMONES cover version 'Pet Semetary'.

Sony put out the compilation 'Endstation.Eden' in 2004. A new album, 'A.Ura Und Das Schnecken.Haus', was delivered in November through Trisol Music Group with new member guitarist Sebastian Adam. The four disc set 'Einer Gegen Alle', published in August 2005 and also hosting WEENA MORLOCH material, was limited to 5000 copies. By this stage Michael Puchala had taken the guitar position and Martin Gutman was delegated the keyboard role. Diana Lueger aided on session vocals.

SAMSAS TRAUM evolved further in 2007, introducing guitarists Andrew Ongley and NEMHAIN's Stevie Lee. November 2007 ushered in two albums, 'Wenn Schwarzer Regen' featured a second disc hosting the track 'Kaschte über Kaschte // Kaschte - Hofer', a 75 minute interview with Alexander Kaschte. A limited edition variant, in different artwork, was restricted to 3000 copies.The other release was 'Heiliges Herz - Das Schwert Deiner Sonne', involving remixes by Thomas Rainer, HYPOCRISY's Peter Tägtgren and :WUMPSCUT: amongst others. Recording musicians comprised Kaschte, Puchala, bassists Stephan Hinz and Alexander Machat with Adrian Erlandsson, of CRADLE OF FILTH, THE HAUNTED and AT THE GATES, on drums.

Michael Beck took over drums in 2008. The live line-up of SAMSAS TRAUM also pulled in DETRIMENTUM guitarist Paul Wilkinson and the CRADLE OF FILTH credited Dave Pybus.

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