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GERMANY, Meckenheim

Categories: Black Metal




KLABAUTAMANN was initiated in Meckenheim when vocalist / guitarist Tim Steffens and ISLAND guitarist / bassist Florian Toyka were asked to submit a track to a local compilation album during 1998. Crafting the song 'PÃ¥skmust' the pair used KLABAUTAMANN for the project name, soon resulting in the November 1998 demo 'Opus Obscoenum Infernalis'. Although the musicians acknowledge that the audio quiality was "really bad" all 100 copies soon sold out. A second effort, 'Gott Schenkt Gift', was delivered in November 2000 with 'Our Journey Through The Woods' following in 2003. Session drums were supplied by Marlon Drescher.

In 2005 Toyka forged Sludge band WOBURN HOUSE alongside ISLAND colleague guitarist Christian Kolf.

The February 2005 album 'Der Ort', recorded at at Flammenmeer Studio and released by Heavy Horses Records, featured drummer Patrick Schröder, having ties to both ISLAND and VALBORG, plus singers Stefan Horn and Isabel Jesse. Julia Tomaschitz and Christian Kolf donated lyrics.

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