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Founded 1994 as a pure, old-school Black Metal band, Gelsenkirchen's BLACK MESSIAH developed to incorporate diverse influences. The founding line up comprised vocalist / bass guitarist Zagan, guitarist Frohnleichnam and drummer Reverend Heidenbluth. A self titled 1995 demo was issued, after which Frohnleichnam exited, followed shortly after by Heidenbluth.

With BLACK MESSIAH as a solo concern, Zagan recorded debut album 'Sceptre Of Black Knowledge', utilising session drums from Nabahm (a.k.a. Evgeniy Shestopalov) from GOAT OF MENDES and INNANA UNVEILED, for Last Episode Records. Guesting on guitar would be SODOM and KREATOR guitar veteran Frank 'Blackfire' Gosdzik.

Splitting away from Last Episode, BLACK MESSIAH crafted a 2001 demo, the first session to feature mandolin and violin. Zagan assembled a whole new band unit, bringing in guitarists Meldric and Zoran, bassist Drahco, keyboard player Hrym and drummer Surthur. Zagan would guest as violinist on GOAT OF MENDES 2005 album 'Book Of Shadows'. BLACK MESSIAH man Zoran Novak worked with Recklinghausen Gothic Metal band STORMGARDE. That September the band partnered with Irish Folk Metal band CRUACHAN for German tour dates.

'Of Myths And Legends' arrived in November 2006.

The group featured on the 'Summer Breeze' festival billing in August 2009 held in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. 

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