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Dating back to 1993, Grevenbroich, North Rhine-Westphalia Pagan Metal act ADORNED BROOD have had a troubled history spanning three albums. The band was convened by drummer Ariovist (a.k.a. Mike Engelmann), strangely named after a well known historical German coward, plus guitarists Pagan (Mirko Klier) and Oberon (Nermin Hadžiović). Shortly after Teotobod (Markus Frost) was drafted on bass for the debut 1994 'Phobos-Deimus' demo.

Second guitar duties were handed over to Pagan as Teotobod switched to lead vocals and guitar for the sophomore demo session 'Wapen' prior to Anna Ingeborg being enlisted on flute during 1996. The inclusion of flute set ADORNED BROOD apart from the crowd and a deal was soon struck with Folter Records for the first March 1996 album 'Hiltia', the title being elder German for "War".

A label switch to Atmosfear Records witnessed not only a second album 'Wigand' (translated as "Warrior"), released in February 1998, but the departure of Oberon in exchange for Widar (Andreas). Founder member Ariovist also left the fold being superseded by Flajar (Tim Baumgärtel) for the June 2000 opus 'Asgard'. Moonstorm Records released the 'Erdenkraft' album in March 2002. Thorsten Riekel assumed the guitar position in 2004. The following year Mirko Klier forged Death Metal band DIFUSED.

ADORNED BROOD issued the 'Heldentat' album in September 2006. During 2007 Riekel was superseded by Thorsten Derks. Also returning to the ranks would be Mirko Klier. Black Bards Entertainment issued the album 'Noor' in November 2008.

2009 witnessed the recruitment of two new musicians, the AGATHODAIMON and OPALESSENCE credited guitarist Jan Jansohn and keyboard player Niklas Enns.

Garry Sharpe-Young

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