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GERMANY, Saxony, Eilenburg

Date Formed 1996

Categories: Black Metal


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  • Darken 2004- 2007, 1996- 1999 -

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NARAGAROTH, hailing from Eilenburg, Saxony, was initiated as a one man 'pure' Black Metal venture from one Kanwulf (a.k.a. Rene Wagner). Despite showing a reluctence to record and available in strictly limited quantities each of Kanwulf's releases were hailed as a classic of the genre. However, as NARGAROTH's repute grew, many questions as to the veracity of the act's purported history were raised.

Kanwulf first apparently stepped into the world of Black Metal during 1989 subsequently issuing a demo 'Orke' in 1991. Trouble befell the multi instrumentalist when, at a live show utilising session musicians, Kanwulf reportedly killed somebody. He would claim further he had beeen released from jail in 1993 retitling his project NARGAROTH. Subsequently it transpired, as reported on the band;'s official website, that NARGAROTH had in fact been initiated as late as 1996, in partnership with guitar player Charoon and bassist Darken, and that the previously mentioned recordings actually dated to circa 1999. L'hiver, of WINTERBLUT, SEEDS OF HATE, KRIEG and WOLFTHORN, enrolled as drummer in 1998 but had decamped by the following year.

A demo 'Herbstleyd', according to Kanwulf recorded in his kitchen whilst naked and on drugs, led to a deal with the No Colours label. All of the demo tracks would be re-recorded and a second outing, 'Amorak', comprising archive material and which saw a cover version of BURZUM's 'Black Spell Of Destruction', was also issued.

In 2000 NARGAROTH released the succinctly entitled demo 'Fuck Off To Nowadays Black Metal', restricted on a cassette run to a mere 333 copies. Sombre Records subsequently released a vinyl version, albeit limited to 100 hand numbered copies. The outro to this set, entitled 'Nortam Sagro', was in actuality MOTÖRHEAD's 'Orgasmatron performed backwards.

The 2001 'Black Metal Ist Krieg- A Dedication Monument' album included no less than four reverential cover version's in ROOT's 'Pisen Pro Satana', MOONBLOOD's The Gates Of Eternity', AZHUBAM HAANI's 'Far Beyond The Stars' and LORD FOUL's 'I Burn For You'. It would also would include a homage to the late IMMORTAL / BORKNAGER drummer Grim in 'Erik, May You Rape The Angels'. Session drumming would be provided courtesy of MOONBLOOD's Occulta Mors and Butcher of MANIAC BUTCHER. That same year NARGAROTH featured on the four way split EP 'Black Metal Endsieg II' alongside APOLOKIA, GODLESS NORTH and DECAYED.

For concert work NARGAROTH employed DARKESTRAH's Asbath on drums and, from 2002, the infamous figure of Akhenaten (Andrew Jay Harris), from MANIAC BUTCHER, WELTMACHT and JUDAS ISCARIOT, on bass.

No Colours Records released the album 'Geliebte Des Regens' during 2003. Vinyl versions were manufactured in both blue and black vinyl, both being limited to 500 units.

The 2002 'Rasluka Part II' mini album would be issued on 10" vinyl in 2004. NARGAROTH, having re-instated Darken on bass, returned to action in 2004, displaying a keen sense of European brotherhood with their live EP 'Crushing Some Belgian Scum'. HARADWAITH drummer Erebor joined the fold the following year.With interest amongst collectors for NARGAROTH product unwaning, No Colours Records re-issued both 'Amarok' and 'Fuck Off To Nowadays Black Metal' as limited edition vinyl editions in 2005.

The album 'Semper Fidelis', featuring both Occulta Mors and L'hiver as session drummers, emerged in August 2007. A boxed set collectable hosted the album on both CD and double vinyl plus a free T-shirt. That same year Zyklon-B Records partnered NARGAROTH for a split offering in union with Greek act SARVARI.

The DVD compilation 'Dead-Ication' surfaced in February 2008, involving live footage recorded in Belgium, Austria, Portugal and Italy and documentaries, including film shot on location in Vietnam. Only the most dedicated of fans could figure out the track listing as no song titles were given throughout.

No Colours Records released the album 'Jahreszeiten' in June 2009.

Garry Sharpe-Young

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