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    NACHTFALKE ("Night Falcon"), a Schneeberg based solo Black Metal endeavour of former MOONBLOOD man Occulta Mors (a.k.a. Tino Mothes). His other scene associations include ANDRAS and session drum duties for RAVENCLAW and NARGAROTH. NACHTFALKE emerged with the 1997 demo tape 'Zeit der Wölfe', following this with a further promotion recording 'Sturmzeitalter' the following year. This second set was restricted to 50 hand numbered copies. He would debut commercially with Erzschlag Records in April 1999, a self-titled 7" white vinyl single limited to 333 copies.

    A split EP, titled 'Brennende Stürme', shared with SURTURS LOHE in 2000, featured a NACHTFALKE contribution of a cover version of DARKTHRONE's 'Transilvanian Hunger'. A split album with LUROR arrived the same year on Christhunt Productions, sporting another homage to a Black Metal veteran with BATHORY's 'Man Of Iron'. The 2001 NACHTFALKE 'Hail Victory Teutonia' album would include BATHORY and BLACK WIDOW cover versions.

    The band's affection for BATHORY would be further in evidence with another translation of the Swedish Black Metal pioneers 'One Home Of Once Brave' on their 2002 'Doomed To Die' album. The 'Land Of Frost' album arrived in December 2003, this set also hosting the 'Sturmzeitalter' demo tracks, although unlisted on the cover. Christhunt Productions issued 'As The Wolves Died' in 2005.

    NACHTFALKE issued a retrospective box set, limited to 1000 copies, in June 2006. 'First Battles" comprised the albums 'Hail Victory Teutonia', 'Doomed To Die' and 'Land Of Frost' plus a DVD disc 'Live At Asgard 16.4.05'.

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