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GERMANY, Stuttgart

Date Formed 2000

Categories: Death Metal


Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg Death Metal band founded in 2000 as MAGGOTCUNT. MDD Records released the 2003 debut album 'Kill Maim Burn'. DEBAUCHERY signed with Black Attakk Productions for the October 2004 follow up 'Rage Of The Bloodbeast'. At this point the band involved a quartet of singer Thomas, guitarist Thorsten, bassist Chris Fischer with Daniel Sandvoss on drums. 'Kill Maim Burn' was re-released in 2005 with new artwork and adding three bonus live tracks.

Backing third album 'Torture Pit', also put out by Black Attakk Productions, DEBAUCHERY put in an extensive European tour in October 2005 packaged with SIX FEET UNDER, BORN FROM PAIN and KAT across France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and Germany.

The March 2007 album, 'Back In Blood' released by AFM Records, was produced by PINK CREAM 69 bassist Dennis Ward. A limited edition digipack version hosted a second disc boasting cover versions of 'I Can't Dance' by GENESIS, 'Weisses Fleisch' by RAMMSTEIN, '8 Days A Week' by THE BEATLES, 'Heavy Duty / Defenders Of The Faith' by JUDAS PRIEST, 'Kings Of Metal' by MANOWAR, 'You Got Me Rocking' by the ROLLING STONES and 'War Is Coming' originally by OVERKILL. In April the band united with MOONSORROW, SWALLOW THE SUN and OMNIUM GATHERUM for an extensive round of European shows.

Dennis Ward also handled desk duties for April 2008's 'Continue To Kill'. Guest musicians included ex-PRIMAL FEAR member Tom Naumann, Schmier of DESTRUCTION and ex-BELPHEGOR man Tomasz.

The band issued the 'Rockers & War' album in April 2009 through AFM REcords.

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