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An Industrial act with a melodic touch and Metal guitars, THINK ABOUT MUTATIONS' Gogo Vaising (a.k.a. Raiko Gohike) and Joey A Vaising (Jörg Adler) were previously with the East German outfit TISHVAISINGS. The band unit also included singer Ralf Donis, second guitar player Henrik 'Heavyette' Zeitner, keyboard player Steffen Gräfe with Kay Setzpfand on the drums. First product would be the 1993 album 'Motorrazor' released on the Dynamica label. 'Housebastards' followed in 1994 with 'Hellraver' delivered in 1996.

THINK ABOUT MUTATION played with NAPALM DEATH, DIE KRUPPS, HELMET and SICK OF IT ALL, and featured on the 'Full Of Hate' Easter festivals, before a parting of the ways ensued with Noise Records at the end of 1996. A new deal with Motor Music was signed for 1997 resulting in the 'Virus' album.

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