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GERMANY, Thuringia, Sondershausen

Date Formed 1992

Categories: Black Metal


A notorious teenage German Black Metal band created in Sondershausen by Hendrik Möbus during 1992. The band has become synonymous with extreme right wing politics, having its notoriety heightened by murder of an associate. ABSURD has been classified as an illegal act by the Thuringian Landesbehörde für Verfassungsschutz.

Co-founder guitarist Sebastian Schauscheil was known at this stage under the pseudonym of 'Werwolf Dark Mark Doom'. ABSURD marked their presence with the 1992 cassette 'God's Death' in June. A further demo 'Death From The Forest', issued in 1993, brought forth negotiations for a record deal with Euryonymous' label Deathlike Silence. A further intended demo, entitled 'Sadness', was recorded with new member Andreas Kirchner (a.k.a. 'Chuck Highlander Surt'), but never officially distributed. On 29th April 1993 the teenage group were convicted of collectively killing an associate, the 14 year old Sandro Beyer, by strangulation by an electric cord and stabbing. Schauseil attempted a plea of insanity but this was dismissed based on psychiatric reports. Möbus, Schauseil and Kirchner were all jailed, were they carried on the group endeavour re-branded IN KETTEN ("In Chains").

An April 1994 demo 'Out Of The Dungeon', limited to 130 hand numbered copies and recorded acoustically in prison, a 1994 demo 'Ubungsraum', and 1995's cassette EP 'Thuringian Pagan Madness' for Capricornus Productions followed. This latter cassette featured the murder victim Sandro Beyer's tombstone as its cover art.

Whilst in prison, Hendrik Möbus (a.k.a. Jarl Flagg Nidhögg) contributed lyrics for other Black Metal acts including ABIGOR, GRAVELAND, THA-NORR, WOLFSBURG, FUNERAL WINDS and LIAR OF GOLGOTHA. Möbus was sentenced to 14 years but would be paroled in August of 1998 setting up the Darker Than Black Productions record label. However, this label was soon closed down by the authorities and in the summer of the following year Möbus was sentenced to a further 8 month term of imprisonment for publicly using the Seig Heil salute.

ABSURD and No Colours Records issued the 'Facta Laquuntur' album, limited to 500 hand numbered copies, in 1996 and the following year cut a split 7" single 'Totenburg' on the Silencelike Death label in alliance with HELDENTUM.

Australian band ABYSSIC HATE would also cover ABSURD's 'The Victory Is Ours' on their 1998 'Eternal Damnation' album and Dutch act WELTER would cover 'Mourning Soul' on their 'The Elder Land' album. Meantime, ex-band member Sebastian Schauscheil, distancing himself from National Socialism, joined up with Folk Metal act HALGADOM and would also feature with neo-Folk combo IN ACHT UND BANN and as bassist with Black Metal band WOLFSMOND.

1999 was marked by the restricted cassette release of the 'Sonnenritter' sessions and the 'Asgardsrei' mini-album through IG Farben Produktion. These recordings would be re-issued with extra tracks the following year on various limited formats, 500 hand-numbered copies of which the first 188 came in a gatefold sleeve and the very first 88 being pressed on red vinyl, by Wolftower Productions. No Colours Records also licensed 'Asgardsrei' for distribution. 'Facta Laquuntur' would also witness a re-issue in picture disc format strictly limited to 300 copies.

ABSURD continued under the auspices of Hendrik Möbus' brother Ronald (a.k.a. 'Wolf'), ocassionally being joined by Sebastian Schauseil with 'Unhold' (Sven Zimper), of WOLFSMOND, on drums. This formation varied the ABSURD into realms of Pagan Metal infused with medieval music.

In August 2000 Hendrik Möbus was arrested once more. Travelling in America, Möbus was picked up in Hillsboro, West Virginia on an international arrest warrant for violating his parole on two counts of mocking the victim of the earlier murder and the Sieg Heil offence. There are unsubstantiated rumours that Möbus fell foul of intended business partners in America and was subjected to a vicious hammer attack although other claims state he suffered a broken arm upon his arrest. He was incarcerated again for a further three years.

Besides the release in 2001 of the 'Werewolfthron' album, comprisings songs dating back to 1995, Möbus was also reported to be working on a BURZUM tribute album. 'Facta Laquuntur' would be given a further re-release, this time on CD by Darker Than Black Records and adding the extra track 'Lord Of Ages', a BLOOD AXIS cover version. 'Asgardsrei' too was re-launched, this time by Ancestral Research Records with different cover artwork. French band KRISTALLNACHT would cover the ABSURD track 'Pesttanz' on their 2001 album 'Of Elitism And War'. Black Sun Productions would issue a 7" EP of the 'Thuringian Pagan Madness' sessions, restricted to 666 black vinyl copies and a mere 250 on deep purple coloured vinyl.

During 2002 the Vinland Winds label released a four way split 7" EP dedicated to Hendrik Möbus 'Die Legende Lebt!'. The recod comprised four German acts offering ABSURD cover versions, namely ULFHEDNIR 'Als die Alten jung noch waren', WOLFSMOND 'Ashes To Ashes / Unendlich', HELLFUCKED 'Tod vor Sonnenaufgang' and LUROR's take on 'Last Breath'. During September 2002 Supreme Art Productions re-issued 'Facta Loquuntur' with twelve bonus tracks, including a BLOOD AXIS cover version 'Lord Of Ages'.

In 2003 the HELDENTUM album 'Waffenweihe' would feature the ABSURD credited Wolf on lead vocals. ABSURD issued a further full-length studio album entitled 'Totenlieder'. On 15th May 2003 Hendrik Möbus was again sentenced to four years in prison.

Nebelfee Klangwerke gave vent to the April 2005 studio album 'Blutgericht' on CD, World Terror Commitee folowing up with a vinyl release as picture disc, limited to 500 copies, and a gatefold sleeve variant with 111 units on white vinyl and 222 copies pressed on red vinyl.

On Christmas Eve 2005 Nebelfee Klangwerke put out the EP 'Grimmige Volksmusik', a CD digipack restricted to 2000 copies. A cassette version was issued in Brazil through Hammer Of Damnation, limited to 500 copies. World Terror Commitee gave 'Facta Loquuntur' a further re-release in October 2006, clad in new artwork with three bonus tracks. In December 2007 Darker Than Black Records collaborated with Nebelfee Klangwerke on the compilation set 'Raubritter / Grimmige Volksmusik'.

The March 2008 ABSURD album, 'Der Fünfzehnjährige Krieg', released through Darker Than Black Records, was swiftly banned in Germany. This set comprised 14 archive tracks completely re-recorded plus three new songs including the DER FLUCH cover version 'Betet Für Uns'. Vinyl editions hosted an extra track, 'Der Sieg Ist Unser'. In September that year W.T.C. Productions partnered ABSURD, offering another DER FLUCH cover in 'Die Gesandten Des Grauens', with SIGRBLOT and GRAND BELIAL'S KEY for the split album 'Weltenfeind'.

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