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GERMANY, Thuringia, Weida

Date Formed 1995
Date Disbanded 2003

Categories: Black Metal, Death Metal


Last Known Lineup

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German Black Death Metal unit IMPENDING DOOM evolved from an earlier 1993 act BLACK PROPHECY featuring guitarists Marcus Regel and Uwe Rödel, bass player Thomas Born and drummer Pierre Krüger. With the addition of Andreas Kaufmann as frontman during 1995, and the subsequent replacement of Rödel by Patrick W. Engel and enlistment of Olaf Riegler on keyboards the band retitled itself IMPENDING DOOM.

Under their new guise IMPENDING DOOM opened proceedings with the 'Messias Abaddon' demo session achieving healthy sales around the 600 mark. Gigs as support to OCCULT, MAYHEMIC TRUTH and KRABATHOR led in turn to a mini tour with GORGOROTH and MYSTIC CIRCLE through Germany and the Netherlands and a further bout of live action in the winter of 1997 with PURGATORY and COERCION.

Their promotional tape 'Pagan Fires' and a split 7" single in alliance with ATANATOS spurred a deal with the Perverted Taste label for debut album 'Caedes Sacrilegae'. Following this release the band lost the services of Riegler but opted to persevere minus keyboards.

IMPENDING DOOM's sophomore effort, 'Signum of Hate' issued in 1998, started to pull in positive media reviews. Vinyl versions of this release added two exclusive cuts in the form of covers of MORBID ANGEL's 'Chapel Of Ghouls' and CELTIC FROST's 'Dethroned Emperor'. A split 10" single, a take on DARKTHRONE's 'Cromlech', also arrived the same year shared with EXMORTEM. Live work saw support to SODOM and an appearance at the 'Fuck The Commerce II' festival. The group would then sign to the Cudgel Agency label for a third album 'Apocalypse III- The Manifested Purgatorium'. Christhunt Productions would handle the vinyl versions with obligitary extra tracks.

IMPENDING DOOM would pay homage to the extreme Czech act MANIAC BUTCHER by appearing on a 2002 tribute album. Bassist Manne opted out in September signalling the recruitment of ex-ANAEL man Mellhammer the following month. Drummer Patrick W. Engel is also active with ATANATOS, OBSCURATION (in league with members of FALL OF SERENITY) and Thrashers BURIED GOD.

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