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A prolific Christian Melodic traditional Metal act, established in Wolfsburg, dating back to a formation billed THE PREACHERS during 1989 comprising vocalist Joachim Klauenberg, guitarist Alex Wetzler, bassist William Hieb, keyboard player Viktor Bader and drummer Waldemar Schock (a.k.a. Luis Schock). In 1991 this outfit issued the album 'Way To Paradise' on Alles Records. That same year the group inducted a new singer, seventeen year old Herbie Langhans, and in 1993 a demo 'First Strike' surfaced prior to the debut 1995 'Rainbowland' album, released under the SEVENTH AVENUE banner by Brazilian label Megahard Records, this set seeing the group as a trio of Langhans, Hieb and Schock. The group switched to Treasure Hunt Records for a follow up, 1996's 'Tales Of Tales'.

Andi Gutjahr of TREASURE SEEKER, TANKARD, CREED and LIGHTMARE contributed guitar to the 1998 outing 'Southgate'. However, upon completion of this album Mike Pflüger took over on drums. Following the 1999 EP 'Goodbye' co-founder Willian Heib exited. For the 2002 album, 'Between The Worlds' recorded at Woodwind Studio, SEVENTH AVENUE comprised a quartet of frontman Herbie Langhans, guitarist Florian Gottsleben, bassist Geronimo Stade and drummer Mike Pflüger. This unit undertook headline dates in Brazil that same year.

The group switched to domestic label Massacre Records. SEVENTH AVENUE, promoting the Sascha Paeth produced October 2004 album 'Eternals' and having installed Markus Beck on bass, toured Brazil in February 2005. SEVENTH AVENUE recorded fresh album tracks during 2006.

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