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GREECE, Athens

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Hellenic Black Metal band NAER MATARON was created as NAR MATARON in 1994. The band's two demos 'Tales Of The Twelve Gods' and 'The Awakening Of Ancient Greece' both included credits for Lord Alatoth ('Screams') and Morpheas on guitar and bass. The group then split in two, with Morpheas and Kaiadas forming NAER MATARON. Lord Alatoth, persevering with NAR MATARON, responded bitterly by claimining this new act had stolen both the band name and his songs. Meanwhile, NAER MATARON cut a promotional track 'The Great God Pan' which led to an album deal with Black Lotus Records.

Frontman Aither quit on the eve of recording and was replaced by ex-SEPTIC FLESH and ORDER OF THE EBON HAND's Lethe on the drums. Lord Alatoth departed following recording as Aithir was re-inducted as the band shifted Lethe to keyboards. Aithir also shared drumming duties with LEGION OF DOOM. Signing a one off deal with the German label Aphelion Productions NAER MATARON issued the 'A Holocaust In Front Of God's Eyes' 7" EP, restricted to 500 copies, in 2002.

The band's 2003 album 'River At Dash Scalding' included a cover version of VED BUENS ENDE's 'The Plunderer' and two tracks co-composed by Nordvargr of MZ412. For this opus Lethe had been superseded by Warhead. Shadow Face records gathered together demos, unreleased variants of prior tracks and unreleased material for the 2004 compilation album 'Aghibasiin-Lessons on How To Defeat Death'. That same year both 'Up From The Ashes' and 'River At Dash Scalding' saw a vinyl re-issue, restricted to just 500 copies of each.

In early 2004 Nordvargr joined the band on a permanent basis. NAER MATARON released the 'Discipline Manifesto' album, recorded in Oslo, Norway, through Black Lotus Records in June 2005. Album track 'Blessing Of Sin' saw guest vocals from Vicotnik of VED BUENS ENDE and DØDHEIMSGARD with a guitar solo from AURA NOIR and LAMENTED SOULS Apollyon whilst vocals on 'Land Of Dreams' were handled by Carl Michael Eide of AURA NOIR and VED BUENS ENDE.

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