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GREECE, Athens

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An innovative Greek melodic Death-Black Metal act that, over a series of challenging albums, have risen to the upper echelons of their genre. NIGHTFALL first came to prominence with their 1991 demo 'Vanity', immediately prompting a deal from Holy Records. Promoting the debut album, 'Parade Into Centuries', NIGHTFALL supported PARADISE LOST in Athens during 1992. The band would add keyboard player George Aspiotis in early 1993 to increase the depth of their music. In June of that year NIGHTFALL released a limited edition, red vinyl single titled 'Oh Black Queen, You're Mine'. All 1500 copies quickly sold out.

The impact made by their first album enabled NIGHTFALL to line-up an extensive European tour during 1994 to promote their new 'Macabre Sunsets' album and NIGHTFALL claimed a first by being the only Greek band to date to headline a European tour. Fellow Holy Records acts MISANTHROPE, CELESTIAL SEASON and SADNESS supported.

Having released 'Eons Aura' and 'Athenian Echoes' during 1995 NIGHTFALL would return in 1997 with the provocatively titled 'Lesbian Show'. The band would enroll the British born drummer Mark Cross for the 1997 outing. Cross had previously played with MAGNA CARTA and the veteran act SPITFIRE.

In 1999 guitarist Mike Galiatsos, ex-bassist Jim Agepoulos and drummer G.K. founded the side endeavour SNOWBLIND duly issuing the demo 'Winter Of Souls'. SNOWBLIND would later score a record deal in their own right. Following NIGHTFALL's 1999 'Diva Future' album Cross decamped to join German / US Metal act METALIUM, later sessioning with KINGDOM COME before joining premier act HELLOWEEN in August of 2001. Another erstwhile drummer, Kostas Savvidis, forged THE CIRCLE OF ZAPHYAN in 2002.

A three year hiatus would be broken as NIGHTFALL signed to the Black Lotus label for the 2003 opus 'I Am Jesus'. In mid 2004 the band re-entered the studio, announcing an album by the title of 'Lyssa: Rural Gods And Astonishing Punishments'. Gigs scheduled for Spring of 2005 would be cancelled when drummer George Kollias exited. The ex-drummer featured on NOCTA's 'Wicked Woman' album. Shortly afterward guitarist George Bokos joined the touring line-up of ROTTING CHRIST for an extensive round of European dates.

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