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NECROMANTIA, fronted by the controversial figure of Magus Wampyr Daoloth (real name George Zaharopoulos) date back to their inception as a trio in late 1989. The band are unequivocal in their stance of blatant Satanism and although remaining exceptionally heavy are eager to experiment with piano and saxophone. NECROMANTIA's first product, following a 1990 demo, was a split LP with another Greek act VARATHRON. The record was titled 'The Black Arts' on Black Power Records in 1992. The group added keyboard player Inferno later that year.

In 1993 the line-up was further enhanced by the addition of Yiannis- The worshipper of Pan (!) on Percussion, saxophone and flute.

NECROMANTIA signed to the adventurous French label Osmose Productions, releasing their debut full length album in 1994. A second album arrived in 1995.

Outside of NECROMANTIA Daoloth is involved in a plethora of Black Metal projects including DIABOLUS RISING, RAISM, THOU ART LORD with Sakis from ROTTING CHRIST and Gothmog of MORTIFY, N.A.O.S. and DANSE MACABRE in union with sotiris of SEPTIC FLESH and ANCIENT RITES Gunther.

Daoloth also produced the 2000 'Rise From Within' album from all female Black Metal trio ASTARTE. NECROMANTIA's fourth opus, 'IV Malice', issued in 2000, would bear witness to a lavish re-issue in June of 2002 from the Liuthuanian Ledo Takas concern. The album, pressed on heavyweight red vinyl, would feature all new artwork courtesy of Spiros from SEPTIC FLESH and an extra bonus track in the form of 'Death Rider', a DEMON cover version.

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