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ON THORNS I LAY have explored an ever broadening approach to Metal from their opening 'Sounds Of Beautiful Experience' record in 1995. Initially a Doom-Death concern the band drifted into Gothic realms subsequently incorporating soprano female tones. Previously known as PHLEBOTOMY, and originally a trio with Stefanos Kintzoglou handling drums as well as lead vocals, during this time they released the demo 'Beyond The Chaos' in March 1992 and the limited edition EP 'Dawn Of Grief'. The band adopted the new title of ON THORNS I LAY at the same time they added drummer Fotis in February 1992. And, in early 1994, the group recorded the 'Voluptuous' demo, inciting interest from Holy Records. A deal would follow.

The sophomore effort 'Orama' was a concept album based on the legend of Atlantis. Additional musicians for this effort included guitarist Thanasis Hatziagapis of SORROWFUL WINDS and vocalist Georgia Grammaticos. 1999's 'Orama' opus found the studio band complemented by keyboard player Ionna Doroftei, violinist Elena Doroftei, bass player Michael Knoflach and drummer Andrew Olaru. Claudia J. was introduced as principle vocalist for the 'Future Narcotic' album. Ionna Doroftei resurfaced fronting GOD for their 'Aura' album.

Following a run of commendable albums for Holy Records ON THORNS I LAY switched to the Greek Black Lotus concern for the 'Angeldust' album.

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