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A prestigious keyboard orientated Doom act rooted in the Black Metal scene. Previously known as MALEFIC OATH, changing names to DEINONYCHUS (after the sickle clawed mid-Cretaceous predator) in 1993. This Dutch band, actually more of a solo project by Marco Kehren, previously known as Odin, released the 'After The Rain Falls An Empty Sky Remains' demo. Another contributing musician at this time, keyboard player Maurice Swinkels billing himself as Sephiroth, is a former member of BESTIAL SUMMONING and he also has a side band; OCCULT.

DEINONYCHUS weighed in with an eponymous demo issued in January of 1993. A subsequent rehearsal recording dubbed 'A Shining Blaze Over Darkland' that May secured a label deal with the British Cacophonous concern in March of 1994, the debut album 'The Silence Of December' arriving in May of the following year. The record stood proud in the welter of Black Metal releases as critics praised its fusing of both Doom and Black elements.

The follow up 'The Weeping Of A Thousand Years' introduced a more melancholic feel to the proceedings. Disagreements between the two parties forced a split between DEINONYCHUS and Cacophonous, the group signing to Supernal Records for November 1997's 'Ark Of Thought'.

DEINONYCHUS made their live debut, complete with "Vampyric Theatre By The Brides Of Dracula" in August 1997 suitably at the London Hippodrome Dracula Centenary celebrations. As it transpired this would prove to be not only the band's live inauguration but serve as their only live manifestation to date.

In 1998 the Mexican Guttural label put out the mini album 'After The Rain Falls...An Empty Sky Remains'. However, Kehren would become session lead vocalist for German Black Metal band BETHLEHEM, appearing on their April 'S.U.I.Z.I.D.' and 'Reflektionen auf's sterben' release in June.

DEINONYCHUS, now counting CRADLE OF FILTH, THE BLOOD DIVINE and DECEMBER MOON drummer Will Sarginson in the ranks, signed to the Ars Metalli label out of Germany in April of 1999. An eponymous album was cut before Kehren donated vocals to a further BETHLEHEM release 'Profane Fettmilch lenzt Elf krank'. The 'Deinonychus' offering would be heavily delayed but when it did arrive in stores displayed a marked leaning tiwards more traditional Doom.

The 2000 album 'Mournument', actually recorded a year earlier than its eventual release, contained a cover version of the CANDLEMASS epic 'Ancient Dreams'. Keyboards for this outing were handled by Frenchman Arkdae (a.k.a. Fabien Pereira) of SETH, DARK SANCTUARY and OSCULAM INFAME whilst drums were once more in the capable hands of Will Sarginson. Kehren, residing in Spain, would also be operational with AK47 in alliance with Australian Shane Davidson.

DEINONYCHUS cut the 'Insomnia' album, recorded in Rome at The Outer Sound Studio with NOVEMBRE's Giuseppe Orlando as producer, for October 2004 release. Featured musicians included Alessio Fagrelli on keyboards with the SILENCER, A-RISE, IMPERIA, BETHLEHEM and ANGEL credited Steve Wolz on drums.

Again utilising Outer Sound Studios in September 2006 DEINONYCHUS, enrolling producer Giuseppe Orlando as their new drummer, commenced work on their seventh album, 'Morphium Replacement', for Italy's My Kingdom Music.

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