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Groningen based Death Metal act founded by guitarist Christiaan during 1991. KATAFALK's first product would be the demo tape 'Through The Storm'. Former NETTLERASH and LETHARGY guitarist Pier Abe joined KATAFALK in November of 2000. The band toured Holland alongside GOD DETHRONED in 2001 but shortly after these dates suffered a major loss of band personnel. Three members, singer Wokkel, bassist Jurjen and drummer Martin all decamped en masse in order to create OBTUSE. Wokkel would team up with WINTER OF SIN.

Fresh blood was delivered in the form of singer Peter, guitarist Henk Jan and drummer Michiel van der Plicht, erstwhile members of GRINROTH. The group added Washington, USA native Rodney as lead singer in 2002, a man citing prior experience with Black Metal acts SHADOWVOID and HASTUR. This revised version of the band cut its teeth live at the Heerenveen 'Hydrargyrum' festival in April, although ex-member Jurjen substituted for Henk Jan on bass.

In September of 2002 Rodney bowed out and the group duly re-inducted former singer Wokkel. Signing to the Dutch label Cold Blood Industries KATAFALK readied their inaugural album 'Storm Of The Horde' for January of 2003. However, both guitarist Pier Abe and bassist Henk Jan severed ties with the band due to "serious differences of opinion". In a complete about turn, KATAFALK would be rejoined by their former partners singer Wokkel and bassist Jurjen.

Guitarist Christiaan gained KATAFALK some mainstream exposure in mid 2004 when he starred in a TV commercial for Internet company Chello, broadcasted on Dutch MTV, TMF and children's channel Nickelodeon. The clip featured the musician smashing a guitar into the computer of an unsuspecting computer "nerd" to the sounds of the KATAFALK track 'Cannonfodder'.

Drummer Michiel van der Plicht opted out in July 2005 in order to concentrate on his other acts TRAVELERS IN TIME and PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT. He subsequently joined TOXOCARA. KATAFALK self-financed the EP 'Death's Contradiction' in June 2006.

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