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A Dutch Symphonic Doom band unusual in crediting their sound engineer Bert Bonestroo as an official group member also in boasting the sibling guitar spearhead of the Koedoot siblings Martin and Roger. MORPHIA started life in 1995, making the transition from Death Metal to Doom with the 1997 demo tape 'Poison Minded'. The debut 'Unfulfilled Dreams' album arrived a year later.

In April of 2001 Erik van Tulder and vocalist Jasper Pieterson were brought into the ranks to replace the departed Werner Wensink. MORPHIA issued the 'Fading Beauty' album in 2004.

MORPHIA played its farewell show at the November 2008 'Brainstorm' festival held at club Gigant in Apeldoorn. The group's concert was filmed for DVD release.

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