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A Death / Thrash band created during 1989 with the union of erstwhile POLLUTION guitarists Ronald Camonier and Erwin Wesdorp with the former rhythm section of SACRAMENT, bassist Menno de Fouw and drummer Friso Van Wijk. The band would induct lead singer Jean-Paul Hoorman in 1990 and proceeded to cut an inaugural six track demo, 'Afterlife', in August of 1991. However, despite this progress, Hoorman opted out and Camonier took over the lead vocal mantle.

POLLUTED IN HERITANCE, having first donated no less than three of their 'Afterlife' demo tracks to the 'Cries Of The Unborn' compilation album, landed a deal with the West Virginia label. The band's debut album 'Ecocide' was produced by HOLY MOSES man Andy Classen but a severe setback was suffered when West Virginia folded.

POLLUTED INHERITANCE cut a further demo session in April of 1994 which duly scored the 'Demo of the month' rating in Aardschock magazine. A new deal was struck with the DSFA label for second outing 'Betrayed' and the group toured Holland as guests to ORPHANAGE. Splitting with DSFA the band would spend a lengthy period away from the limelight preparing new material, finally signing to the Belgian Rokorola label for the 2001 album 'Into Darkness'. In early 2001 bassist Menno de Fouw announced his departure, the band recruiting bassist Stefan Vrieswijk in his stead.

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