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SAMMATH is an essentially 80's influenced solo based Black Metal venture founded in 1994 by Jan Kruitwagen. The band debuted in 1995 with the demo session 'Visions Upon Winter Lands', from which various tracks appeared on international compilation albums, after which M. Gertsen became involved in the project. A subsequent demo "Zwaardbroeders Bij De Bergengte' ('Brothers Of The Sword At The Mountain Pass') was issued during 1996, selling over 650 copies on the underground tape trading market.

The year a further promo tape 'De Ruïnes Fluisteren' ('The Ruins Whisper') surfaced leading to a deal with the German based Folter Records. At this juncture M.Gertsen departed. The SAMMATH first CD 'Strijd', released in 1999, was recorded, produced and mastered by J.Kruitwagen. Positive reviews led to numerous track inclusions on various compilation cassettes and on the 'Encyclopedia Pestilentia' complication CD released by the French label Velvet music international.

Searching for more diversity within the band sound J.Kruitwagen contacted SHADOWLORD singer Cor van Maris to lend Death Metal style vocals for SAMMATH's next effort, the 2002 released 'Verwoesting/Devastation'. The same year Macabre Operetta Productions would issue 'Strijd' in a limited edition vinyl format. Bassist Ruud Nillesen is also active with Doom / Death band SKYLLA.

The band recorded a cover of BATHORY's 'Father To Son' for a tribute album entitled 'A Tribute From The Hordes To Bathory' released by Black Goat Productions.

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