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The 1996 TORMENTOR album is in fact the band's 1989 demo. TORMENTOR vocalist Attilla Csihar brought the band back to the attention of contemporary Black Metal fans with his guest appearance with MAYHEM's De Mysteriis Dom Stahanas' album. Noted Swedish Death Metal combo DISSECTION covered TORMENTOR's 'Elizabeth Bathory' on their self-titled 1993 demo session. Such was the interest raised in TORMENTOR due to the MAYHEM connection a bootleg CD of the band's 1988 demo 'Seventh Day Of Doom' was issued in 1996.

Attila guested on ABORYM's 'Kali Yuga Bizarre' album in 1999 and lent his vocal attributes to EMPEROR's cover of 'Funeral Fog' for a MAYHEM tribute.

In 2004 the band would have their classic cut 'Elizabeth Bathory' chosen as a pioneering piece of music for a compilation assembled by DARKTHRONE drummer Fenriz, released through Peaceville Records and entitled 'Fenriz Presents The Best Of Old School Black Metal'.

In August of 2004 Csihar revealed plans for an extreme Metal "supergroup" BORN TO MURDER THIS WORLD, this projected union set to comprise Mick of ANAAL NATHRAKH, Shane Embury of NAPALM DEATH, Necrobutcher of MAYHEM and former CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR drummer Nick Barker. The singer would also be the subject of rumours that he had rejoined MAYHEM, these being swiftly denied by official sources. However, by November a label press statement revealed that Attila Csihar was indeed back fronting the Norwegian pioneers. On 17th November Csihar joined DISSECTION on stage for renditions of two old school black classics 'Elizabeth Bathory' by TORMENTOR and 'Freezing Moon' from MAYHEM during the band's appearance at Kultiplex in Budapest, Hungary.

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