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KEKAL, dating to August 1995, are an extreme Metal band moulding elements of Death, Black and Progressive styles into one unsavoury whole. Debuted with a 1996 demo entitled 'Contre Spiritualia Nequitiae'. The act originally included vocalist Harry who quit following the debut album leaving KEKAL as a trio with guitarist Jeff taking the lead vocal role. Second album 'Beyond The Dead' would see a release in America on the Fleshwalker label. The album '1000 Thoughts Of Violence' was issued in February of 2003 in cassette format by the Indonesian Undying Music label. It would subsequently be picked up for a European CD release by the Dutch Fear Dark concern. KEKAL also donated their rendition of CRADLE OF FILTH's 'Dance Macabre' to the 2003 Cleopatra tribute album 'Covered In Filth'.

Guitarist Jeff (as 'Jefray') is an ex-INNER WARFARE member and also pursues a one man side project EXCISION releasing the 'Visi' album in 2000. In 2004 Jeff was learned to be active with an all new project dubbed ALTERA ENIGMA, a union with ex-PARAMAECIUM member Jason De Ron.

KEKAL released its sixth album, entitled 'The Habit Of Fire', in March 2007 in Europe on Whirlwind Records and in May in North America via Open Grave Records.

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