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Pagan Metal act WAYLANDER, rooted in traditional Irish Folk music, retro Heavy Metal and Druidic lyrical themes, was created during 1993, the first members attending roll call being lead vocalist Ciaran O'Hagan and the guitar pairing of Peter Boylan and Dermot O'Hagan. Boylan soon defected but a bass player was found in Jason Barriskill and by the Autumn of that year the band completed with the incorporation of drummer Denis Fearon. The band's debut demo recordings, entitled 'Once Upon An Era', arrived in January of 1995. Reaction to this prompted an invitation from the Belgian Shiver label to include a brand new track 'Born To The Fight' to the compilation album 'Sometimes Death Is Better'.

WAYLANDER "dismissed" Barriskill in October of 1995, his place being taken by Michael Proctor for a second demo set 'Dawning Of A New Age', these songs seeing additional tin whistle courtesy of Mairtin McCormaic. By this stage WAYLANDER's progress had attracted the attention of a variety of labels and in October of 1997 the group signed to the German Century Media label. Recording in Germany under the auspices of HOLY MOSES man Andy Classen WAYLANDER cut their inaugural album 'Reawakening Pride Once Lost'. Wishing to bolster their live sound the band subsequently re-admitted second guitarist Peter Boylan.

A label switch, to another German concern Arse Metalli, did not achieve the desired results. Although the band entered the recording studio they discovered their new label could not afford to pay for a new album. Fortunately a quick manouevre to the Blackened label maintained momentum. Bo Murphy was enrolled as new drummer for the album 'The Light , The Dark , And The Endless Knot'. Internal friction would then witness the departure of both Peter Boylan and Bo Murphy. HEXXED guitarist Owen Boden and drummer Nick Shannon filled in. Boden in turn would be replaced by BLACK ART PRINCIPLE man Fearghal Duffy in 2003.

Line-up changes in early 2005 saw drummer Gaz removed and original sticksman Denis Ferran re-instated. Guitarist Fearghal Duffy, suffering from tendonitis and arthritis of the hands, was forced out and long term bassist Michael Proctor resigned shortly afterward and Gaz Murdock was duly installed as substitute. However, in May it was announced that Proctor had rejoined. The group organised a brief burst of Irish dates for Latvian act SKYFORGER, after which a second guitarist, Alan Connolly, was enrolled. However, this latest candidate soon abdicated, citing "health reasons", and former band member Gaz Murdock stepped back into the fold for the band's 'Days Of Darkness' festival appearance.

WAYLANDER revealed they had completed new album recordings in November. Also in the works would be a re-issue of 'Reawakening Pride Once Lost' through Ulster's Midhir Records, clad in new artwork and adding archive demo bonus tracks.

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