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Punk influenced Metalcore act BETZEFER, founded in 1998, debuted with the 2000 EP 'Pitz Aachbar', the title track being based on a traditional Israeli children's rhyme. Members vocalist Avital Tamir, guitarist Matan Cohen and bassist Rotem Inbar are all active with NAIL WITHIN.

The EP, 'Some Tits, But No Bush', followed in 2001 with second effort 'New Hate' arriving in early 2003. BETZEFER entered CCR Studios in Belgium during June of 2004 to cut their debut full length album 'Downlow'. The band signed to Roadrunner Records in February 2005, releasing the 'Down Low' album in June. Throughout October and November of 2005 BETZEFER engaged in the "The Monster Mosh Down" dates across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland and the UK partnered with DISBELIEF, BY NIGHT and EKTOMORF.

The band hit the UK, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany together with KORODED and PRESIDENT EVIL in the spring of 2006.

The band performed at the 'Anthem Metal' festival held on August 14th 2008 at Hangar 11 on the shores of Tel Aviv, Israel, alongside SATYRICON, MESHUGGAH, OPETH, DARK TRANQUILLITY, THE HAUNTED, NEVERMORE plus fellow Israeli bands SALEM, DISTORTED, THEY:SWARM and THE FADING.

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