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Date Formed 1998

Categories: Black Metal



"Arabian Barbarian" Black Metal solo project of one Butchered (a.k.a. 'Hell Warrior'), also live bass player for MELECHESH and former participant of TANGORODRIM. The band is titled after the genie Abdul-Al-hazred described in the occult work the 'Necronomicon'. Session drums come courtesy of one Necromancy, better known as Ben Fisher of AEBA and HYMNS OF HADES. Another early drummer would be SALEM and NAIL WITHIN man Nir Nakev. ARALLU released a mini album in 2001, 'At War Against God', limited to a miserly 66 copies. The January 2002 album 'Satanic War In Jerusalem', released by Raven Music, included a cover version of SLAYER's 'Evil Has No Boundaries'.

ARALLU expanded in January of 2003, bringing in Alex Schuster of NAIL WITHIN and AZAZEL repute on guitar and drummer Yonatan Dushnitzki from VISCERA TRAIL, UNTROPIA and UN-LOADED.

The DVD 'Visual Chaos Invasion' emerged in 2003. In September of that year Butchered's brother, Benny Daniel, was kidnapped and held to ransom by Colombian guerilla's from the ELN organisation. Butchered flew to Colombia to successfully negotiate for his brother's release after 102 days of incarceration. To celebrate his release the siblings appeared onstage together at an ARALLU gig in Barbie club in Tel-Aviv during March of 2004.

ARALLU's 2005 album 'The Demon From The Ancient World', released through Czech label Epidemie Records, included guest performances from Ze'eb Tananboim of SALEM, Yishai Swearts of MOONSKIN, Refahim from BARTHOLOMEUS NIGHT and SHWORCHTSECHAYE man Yehi Zaken.

'Desert Battles - Descending To The Sands' was released on 31st March 2009 via Raven Music. The album was mastered at Maor Appelbaum Mastering in California.

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