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NAIL WITHIN was the by product of a defection from the ranks of Black Metal band AZAZEL by the trio of guitarist Alex Schuster, bass player Evil Haim (a.k.a. Haim Benyamini) of LEHAVOTH and drummer Miko. Initially entitled EMBLAZE the band, bringing in Nir Kakov to replace Miko, subsequently adopted the new title NAIL WITHIN. At this juncture the band comprised lead vocalist Yishai Swearts, ex-BETRAYER. Drummer Nir Nakov was also employed by SALEM, as sessioneer for ARALLU and LEHAVOTH whilst guitarist Matan Cohen is active with Metalcore band BETZEFER and Schuster operates with Black Metal band ARALLU. Swearts, besides being active with MOONSKIN, would also engage with the US based underground Metal project SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE in 2000.

The band's March 2003 eponymous debut, produced by Harris Johns, included guest appearances from KREATOR frontman Mille Petrozza, ex-AT THE GATES and THE CROWN vocalist Tomas Lindberg and ASSASSIN's Robert Gonnela. Vocalist Yishai Sweartz exited from the band that very same month. Morphing once again, NAIL WITHIN introduced the BETZEFER pairing of singer Avital Tamir and bassist Rotem Inbar.

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