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ITALY, Latium, Roma

Categories: Black Metal


Black Metal act GRIMNESS was founded by ex-SOLIFUGE drummer Jonah and vocalist / guitarist Valerio Di Lella in December 2001. GRIMNESS guitarist Andrea Chiodetti cites prior credits with SPIRITUAL FRONT and SPIRITUAL CEREMONY. Bassist Frax, joining in March 2002, is also active with KUNTUR. Sessions for the EP 'Dogma' were handled by the NOVEMBRE duo Giuseppe Orlando and Massimiliano Pagliuso. Line-up changes saw the exit of Frax in the Spring of 2003, being superseded by WIZARD's Willer. In March of 2004 the band entered Outer Sound Studios to record debut album 'Increase Humanity Disgust', distributed in Holland through the Two Fat Men organisation.

In April of 2006 the band toured Italy on a package bill with IRREVERENCE and NUCLEAR SYMPHONY.

In November 2008 singer Valerio Di Lella took over the bass role in NOVEMBRE.

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