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ITALY, Alessandria

Categories: Black Metal


Alessandria Black Metal merchants MORTUARY DRAPE are known for the almost unique employment of two bass players. The band debuted with the 1986 ' Doom Return' demo. A further effort 'Necromancy' followed three years later. Vocalist Wildness Perversion and bassist Old Necromancer (also known as 'Without Name') have always been the pivotal members of MORTUARY DRAPE with a constant everflowing cast of side members.

By 2000 the band included guitarists Andrea Taddei and Ricardo Messere, bassist Daniele Caniotti and SECRET SPHERE drummer Luca Castasegna. However, on the album 'Tolling 13 Knell' group personnel were listed as drummer L.O.R.R. Will Revealed, bassist Left Hand Preacher and guitarists Roaming Soul and Demon Shadow. An ex-MORTUARY DRAPE drummer, Massimo Altomare also of DYING AWKWARD ANGEL, DARK REALITY and ALLOST, later turned up in Death Metal band DAEMUSINEM. During early 2002 Wildness Perversion apparently disposed of the entire band excepting Left Hand Preacher, who shifted over from bass to the guitar role. Drummer Nicola would also operate with ERODED and, in the guitar role, ENTHRONING SILENCE.

BLACK FLAME's full length 2003 album 'The Third Revelation' featured a cover rendition of MORTUARY DRAPE's 'Abbot', this song seeing MORTURARY DRAPE members Wildness Perversion and Left Hand Preacher acting as studio guests with Massimo Altomare on drums. Altomare would join Norwegian act DISIPLIN in January 2006.

In March 2006 ex-drummer Luca Cartasegna was announced as a member of the "atmospheric, bone-crushing power metal" band called CIVILIZATION ONE, this band comprising an international roster of players in Sri Lankan born vocalist Chity Somapala, a veteran of AVALON, FARO, MOONLIGHT AGONY, RED CIRCUIT and FIREWIND, guitarist Aldo Lanobile of SECRET SPHERE, bassist Pierre-Emmanuel PĂ©lisson of HEAVENLY and MALADAPTIVE plus keyboard player Vivian Lalu, from LALU and SHADRANE.

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