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ITALY, Apulia, Taranto

Date Formed 1992

Categories: Black Metal


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Notorious Taranto, Apulia based Black Metal band ABOYRM, titled after from demon duke Haborym Sadek Aym, overseer of the twenty six legions of Hell, have tightened their grip on infamy by including vocalist Attila Csihar of MAYHEM and TORMENTOR repute. ABORYM came into being during 1991 created by bassist Malfeitor Fabban, guitarist Alex N. and drummer D. Belvedere. A rehearsal tape preceded a 1993 demo session 'Worshipping Damned Souls' was issued prior to the group being put on ice as Fabban pursued other interests with FUNERAL ORATION, appearing on their debut album, and DEVIATE LADIES.

Fabban regrouped recording a second ABORYM demo, the five song 'Antichristian Nuclear Sabbath' in 1997, with new faces guitarist Sethlans Larva Shaytan and vocalist Yorga S.M. A deal was then struck with Scarlet Records for the 'Kali Yuga Bizarre' album, which saw Attila Csihar as guest vocalist. World War III Records with issued a North American version of 'Kali Yuga Bizarre' branded with different cover artwork. A vinyl picture disc version, limited to 1000 copies, added an exclusive track 'Tantra Bizzare (C030 Version)'.

The band also added second guitarist Nisrok S. Sathanas of SATANIKK TERRORISTS. Fabban would also add duties as lead vocalist for Ambient Doom band VOID OF SILENCE to his credits during this period. Following the debut album release Yorga S.M. opted out and Csihar offered to front the band on a permanent basis. ABORYM's 2001 album 'Fire Walk With Us' included a cover version of BURZUM's 'Det Som Engang Var'.

The January 2003 album 'With No Human Intervention', issued by Code666 in Europe and Mercenary Musik in the USA, would include lyrical contributions from former EMPEROR man Faust (a.k.a. BÃ¥rd G. Eithun). Also guesting on the album would be Nattefrost of CARPATHIAN FOREST and drummer Mick 'Migg' Kenney of British Doom act MISTRESS and Black Metal band ANAAL NATHRAKH. Fabban quit his Doom project VOID OF SILENCE in June 2002. Sethlans Larva Shaytan was also discovered to be active with THE BLOODLINE, a co-operative also incorporating Mysteriis of DIABOLICUM and SETHERIAL with Nattefrost from CARPATHIAN FOREST.

During November Attila Csihar hit the headlines when he was arrested in Treviso, northern Italy, for possession of 158 ecstasy pills and a "small amount" of hash. Soon back on the scene, Csihar donated guest vocals to avant-Stoners SUNN 0)))'s 2004 outing 'White2' and CHTON's 'Chtonian Lifecode' album. Meantime, guitarist Set Teitan enrolled into the ranks of the notorious DISSECTION.

In August 2004 Csihar revealed plans for an extreme Metal "supergroup" BORN TO MURDER THIS WORLD, this projected union set to comprise Mick of ANAAL NATHRAKH, Shane Embury of NAPALM DEATH, Necrobutcher of MAYHEM and former CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR drummer Nick Barker. The singer would also be the subject of rumours that he had rejoined MAYHEM, these being swiftly denied by official sources. However, by November a label press statement revealed that Attila Csihar was indeed back fronting the Norwegian pioneers.

In early 2005 the connection to the Norwegian scene was strengthened with the induction of drummer Bård 'Faust' G. Eithun. New man on lead vocals would be Prime Evil of MYSTICUM. Faust also teamed up with Oslo Thrash act BLOOD TSUNAMI in mid 2005. This revised version of the band cut the album 'Generator' for release in February 2006. Attila Csihar guested on the track 'Man Bites God'.

In 2007 Csihar announced an extracurricular project, BURIAL CHAMBER TRIO, a Doom union with Greg Anderson, of BURNING WITCH, GOATSNAKE, TEETH OF LIONS RULE THE DIVINE and THORR'S HAMMER. Guitarist Nysrok Infernalien Sathanas, apparently having his "approach to our way of working, living and thinking" out of synch with the band, exited in July 2007.

ABORYM was back up to strength in February 2008 with the recruitment of Grand Inquisitor Hell-I0-Kabbalus (Paolo Pieri), an individual boasting association with SHOREBORN, PROMAETHEUS UNBOUND, KALKI AVATARA and MALFEITOR.

Garry Sharpe-Young

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