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Heavily conceptual (as the name suggests) Progressive Metal outfit. The group was originally formulated as A.T.T. ('About Traverse Tracks') by lead vocalist Gianni Carcione, guitarist Mariano Croce, keyboard player Andrea Mastroianni and David Folchitto on the drums. The latter holds credits with Black Metal band STORMLORD plus BIRKENAU, MISTHERIA, SOUTHERN CROSS and KALEDON. Under this early guise a demo, 'Abstractive Fallacy', was laid down in September of 1999. By January of 2000 though the group had evolved into CONCEPT.

Roberto Bruccoleri of PROJECTO aided on guest vocals for the 2003 debut album 'Reason And Truth', recorded for the Underground Symphony label. This ambitious album explored the theme "the problem of the relationship between conscience, auto-conscience and division of the various personalities and intepretations of the world in which the man is exposed in the moment that he asks himself the reason of searching what he is searching for."

During 2004 both Mariano Croce and Andrea Mastroianni guested on the TIME MACHINE album 'Inquisitor Eymerich Trilogy'. Japanese copies of the February 2005 album 'The Divine Cage, issued through the SoundHolic label, added an extra track 'Forget Me'.

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