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ITALY, Emilia-Romagna, Piacenza

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Grim, "suicidal" Black Metal act, founded in Piacenza and mentored by erstwhile SACRATER man Ferdinando 'Herr Morbid' Marchisio in March 1999. Initially SACRATER bassist Torment formed part of this new venture but would leave Herr Morbid to record the 'Obscura Arcana Mortis' demo as a solo undertaking. In June of the following year Treblinka Productions issued 'Obscura Arcana Mortis' as a CD format release restricted to just 215 copies. FORGOTTEN TOMB would conduct touring in Europe with Herr Morbid joined by DAKRYON guitarist Wudang along with former DUNKEL NACHT personnel bassist Azog and drummer Asher.

FORGOTTEN TOMB signed to the Swedish underground label Selbstmord Services for the 2002 'Songs To Leave' album. This record would also be made available as a limited 300 vinyl pressing in purple vinyl. During May of 2002 the band suffered a loss on the bass player front with the departure of Azog. Temporarily Jeroen from DUNKEL NACHT filled in for a show in Milan before a permanent replacement was found in Kiara, actually the wife of Herr Morbid. In August FORGOTTEN TOMB inducted Swedish drummer Wedebrand, previously with SHINING.

Herr Morbid is also the protaganist behind a batch of side ventures. (THE TRUE) GASZIMMER releasing the demo 'Scorn Triumphant' and the Industrial Death band DEAD LIKE FLIES. He has also maintained membership of avant-garde Death Metal band DAKRYON since 1997. He also sessioned vocals on ENTHRONING SILENCE's first 2002 album, 'Unnamed Quintesence Of Grimness'.

The 2004 opus 'Love's Burial Ground' witnessed songwriting contributions on the tracks 'Malus Vivendi Pt. I, II, III' from Henrik Nordvargr Björkk, veteran of such Scandinavian acts as NORDVARGR, MZ. 412 and TOROIDH. In early 2005 it was announced Björkk had joined the band on a permanent basis for new album 'Darkness In Stereo'. Other releases included a re-issue of 'Obscura Arcana Mortis' with new artwork and bonus tracks plus the inclusion of two songs on an ILDJARN tribute album 'Under The Banner Of Strength & Anger' through Pestilence Records.

FORGOTTEN TOMB signed with Avantgarde Music in 2006 for the album 'Negative Megalomania', released in October. The band contributed their version of 'Nowhere' to the Northern Silence Productions KATATONIA tribute double album 'December Songs' released in December 2006.

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