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ITALY, Gallarate

Categories: Doom, Heavy Metal


A deliberately retro 80s Doom Power Metal band conceived in Gallarate as a side project of AGARTHI's Deathmaster during 1997. Previous to AGARTHI Deathmaster had been involved with Progressive Rock outfit ARKHE and WARHAMMER. Initially conceived as a medieval based venture billed as 1014 A.D. Deathmaster, together with ex-WARHAMMER colleague guitarist / drummer Guardian Angel (a.k.a. Emiliano Bertossi) would soon steer their operations into classically inspired majestic Metal and redubbed their union DOOMSWORD.

A 5 track demo 'Sacred Metal' was cut utilising bassist Soldier of Fortune. However, when AGARTHI split Deathmaster was free to pursue DOOMSWORD as a full time occupation and enrolled ex-AGARTHI bassist Dark Omen into the fold. DOOMSWORD would be completed with the addition of vocalist Nightcomer (a.k.a. Gabrielle Grilli), a member of Prog Rock act MADRIGAL.

Session lead guitar solos for a number of tracks on the 'Doomsword' debut came courtesy of GIANLUCA FERRO of ARKHE. Other contributing guitarists included Alex Festa and Paco Trotta. The album included a cover version CIRITH UNGOL's 'Nadsokar'.

Following the album release both Guardian Angel and Nightcomer decamped, in order to concentrate on their Progressive band FURY N' GRACE. The band replaced Guardian Angel with (naturally) Guardian Angel II (Gianluca Ferro) and Deathmaster took over the lead vocal role.

Later in 1999 DOOMSWORD would record a rendition of WARLORD's 'Lucifer's Hammer' for a tribute album.

The DOOMSWORD line-up for the June 2002 album 'Resound The Horn' stood at vocalist Deathmaster, guitarists Guardian Angel II and The Forger, bassist Dark Omen and ANCIENT drummer Grom. DOOMSWORD members also operate in FIURACH. This relationship was tightened in September as Wrath Lord of FIURACH joined DOOMSWORD on the drum stool.

The band paired up with FALCONER and AXENSTAR for European shows throughout January of 2004. Ex-member Gabrielle Grilli would feature as guest singer on THY MAJESTIE's 'The Siege Of Paris' track that May. Meantime, DOOMSWORD parted ways with guitarist Alessio 'Sacred Heart' Berlaffa.

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