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GHOULS was manifested during 1995 by singer Massimiliano Franceschini in league with bass guitarist Fabrizio Franceschini. Demos were recorded that same year, after which an unnamed guitarist and drummer exited due to "personal issues". In 1998 Franceschini contacted CARNAL RAPTURE vocalist / guitarist Emilio Trillò and erstwhile NOVEMBRE guitarist Antonio Poleti to record a new set of demo recordings billed 'Rebaptized In Blasphemy'. Drums for these sessions would be handled by Giuseppe Orlando of CATACOMB, ROSAE CRUCIS and NOVEMBRE. Upon completion of these tracks both Trillò and Poleti made the decision to enroll as fulltime GHOULS members. Utilising Orlando's percussive services once again a further batch of demo tracks, 'Promo 2000', was recorded.

During 2001 the band incorporated a fresh rhythm section of bassist Michele Viti and drummer Mauro Mercurio, both holding credits with HOUR OF PENANCE. However, before long Viti quit and the bass position was delegated to Silvano Leone from FEARWELL for another promotional session dubbed 'Promo 2003'.

In 2004, GHOULS replaced Mercurio with Alessio Brugiotti of ARS ONIRICA and TERRORSTATE, the latter a side project convened by Antonio Poletti and Silvano Leone. That same year 'Nighthorn' of GHOULS recorded session bass on the LORD VAMPYR album 'De Vampyrica Philosophia'. By early 2007 GHOULS was operating simply as a duo of Max Franceschini on vocals and Antonio Poletti handling guitars and bass.

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