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Rome based brutal Death Metal band founded during 1999, initially as a covers band paying homage to the Florida Death Metal scene. The opening line-up comprised guitarists Enrico Schettino and Francesco De Honestis plus Mauro Mercurio of EYECONOCLAST on drums. Michele Viti handled vocals and bass. The first demo session was recorded in October 2000 at Outer Sound Studios in Rome with engineering credits going to NOVEMBRE's Giuseppe Orlando and Massimiliano Pagliuso. The HOUR OF PENANCE rhythm section of bassist Michele Viti and drummer Mauro Mercurio founded side project GHOULS in 2001. That same year Morabito, De Honestis and Mercurio made space to create another project, BENIGHTED, this subsequently evolving into RUST OF REASON.

In September the HOUR OF PENANCE utilised the same familiar studio setting to record another original song plus a DEICIDE cover version for use on an intended split release to be shared with CADAVERIC CREMATORIUM on Warlord Records. However, this never eventuated. Francesco De Honestis then exited to be substituted by Stefano Morabito, formerly of FAUCES and CHTHONIAN NEMETON.

HOUR OF PENANCE put in a notable live performance on June 1st 2002 at the Gothenburg 'Deathfest'. After this show Morabito then decamped and De Honestis returned.

Spanish label Xtreem Music released the 'Disturbance' album in April 2003, these tracks recorded at 16th Cellar Studio. The group at this stage involved Viti, Schettino, Mercurio and guitarist Francesco De Honestis. Line-up changes then hit the band as guitarist Francesco De Honestis was superseded by a returning Giulio Moschini. In January 2005 HOUR OF PENANCE drafted new vocalist Alex 'Necrotorture' Manco of SPLATTERED CAVITIES and NECROTORTURE. New bassist Silvano Leone, of FEARWELL, was introduced in February. The same label put out follow up 'Pageantry For Martyrs' in June 2005.

In March 2006 the group supported KRISIUN and DEATHBOUND for shows in Spain , France , Switzerland and Italy. However, in September guitarist Enrico Schettino exited, followed shortly afterward by Alex Necrotorture. The group swiftly pulled in new frontman Francesco Paoli, of TYRANNIC ETHICAL RECONSTRUCTION. HOUR OF PENANCE entered 16th Cellar Studios in Rome on December 18th 2006 to record a new three-song demo. The band signed with Unique Leader Records in March 2007.

The album 'The Vile Conception' was released on 23rd February 2008 via Unique Leader Records. These sessions were recorded at 16th Cellar Studio in Rome with producer Stefano Saul Morabito.

Founding guitarist Enrico Schettino rejoined the band in June 2009. HOUR OF PENANCE released their fourth album, Paradogma, on 30th March 2010 again via Unique Leader Records. This set was once more crafted by recorded at 16th Cellar studios in Rome with producer Stefano Morabito.

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