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ITALY, Lazio, Rome

Date Formed 1993

Categories: Death Metal, Doom, Gothic Metal


The Progressive Death Metal outfit NOVEMBRE started life as CATACOMB in 1990, but it wouldn't be before the Orlando brothers, vocalist / guitarist Carmelo and drummer Giussepe, came to the fold that the pace picked up and, after a few more line-up changes, CATACOMB offered their first demo 'Unreal' in 1991. In 1993 the band issued their first 7" single 'The Return Of The Ark' on the Sacre Sindore label, selling 2,000 copies and leading to shows with AGATHOCLES and CARCASS. Giussepe Orlando also saw activity with CARNAL RAPTURE.

In 1994, after Thomas Negrini and Fabio Vignati had joined the band, the NOVEMBRE handle was adopted and the group recorded their debut album, 'Wish I Could Dream Again', in Dan Swanö's Unisound studio.

The 1996 album 'Arte Novecento' would include a cover version of DEPECHE MODE's 'Stripped'. Second guitarist Massimiliano Pagliuso joined the group in Spring of 1997. Another change found Alessandro Niola taking over bass in late 1998. During 2000 Giuseppe Orlando and his erstwhile CARNAL RAPTURE colleague vocalist / guitarist Emilio Trillò, together with guitarist Antonio Poletti, put out a self titled demo credited to GHOULS.

NOVEMBRE would have a go at another cover version on their 2001 'Novembrine Waltz' opus, this time ambitiously tackling KATE BUSH's 'Cloudbusting'. NOVEMBRE toured Europe to promote the album on a package billing with OPETH and KATATONIA.

The band's European April 2004 'Gothic Easter' gigs found guitarist Massimiliano Pagliuso physically absent from the stage but still making his presence felt. Not being able to participate in the opening three shows due to a "sudden and yet unavoidable obligation," the band decided not to cancel any shows, instead utilizing a pre-recorded audio track of Massimiliano's guitar parts. Pagliuso rejoined the band for their Rome gig on 12th April.

That same year Giuseppe Orlando would act as producer for the DEINONYCHUS 'Insomnia' album, recorded in Rome at The Outer Sound Studio. NOVEMBRE signed a recording contract with Peaceville Records in July 2005 for fifth album 'Materia', recorded at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland. The group supported celebrated Swedes KATATONIA on their April / May 2006 European tour dates. In September Giuseppe Orlando joined the ranks of DEINONYCHUS.

In November 2008 GRIMNESS singer Valerio Di Lella took over the bass role.

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